I’ve been wanting to make my own alarm clock for some time now, since I’m unsatisfied with any alarm clock on the market (neglecting overpriced ones). I just made a quick prototype to see if I liked it or not.

Prototype overhead

Parts used

I also used a USB BUB Board from Moderndevice to program the Sanguino. I have to say, I really LOVE these two companies. They have great products at great prices, and their tech support is phenomenal (I’ve had to use them both).

Source code


There is no alarm code inside the source. I was merely just testing to see if I would like the setup or not.


In my real design, I don’t think I want to use a 20x4 character LCD as it is very hard to tell the time from a distance. I’ll be looking into either a monochrome graphic LCD or a color LCD.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Electronic brick- Real Time Clock Module