Kevin Darlington

Speeding up the Sanguino reset time

I decided to use a Sanguino for my next project and I noticed that every time I reset it with the pushbutton, it would take around 10 seconds to start the program. I thought this was absurd since the regular Arduino doesn’t take that long. I decided to dive into the bootloader firmware and find out the problem. The Sanguino version I’m dealing with is v1.4 r1.

Repurposed tv-b-gone to turn off benq projector

At church, we have a projector that is close to the ceiling and far away from the audio/video booth. The remote control that came with the projector does not have a very far range. I have to get out of the booth and walk close to the back row and keep moving the remote until I get the projector to turn off or on. It wasn’t only annoying for me, but I’m sure it was distracting for the church members.

Valentine's Day 8x8 RGB LED

I decided this year to make a 8x8 RGB LED device to give to my girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. I had made her a heart of red LEDs two years ago and I decided to step it up a little. No, this was not a cheap solution (it cost around $100 in materials, including all the stuff I bought that I ended up not using). I spent more time on this thing than anything I have made before.

Boduino - projector blackout device (v1)

At church, we have a projector device that is hooked up to the computer that allows us to show words to a song or a video. The problem is the VGA to composite converter we have does not have a button to black out the projector. So, when I go to get a video ready to be shown, the whole congregation sees what I’m doing.

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